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History of Walkerville Well Drilling

History of Walkerville Well Drilling

The company (Walkerville Well Drilling) was purchased by Glen Chase in 1943 from the widow of the local well driller in Walkerville. Glen had never seen a well drilled before that, but; he had the vision that someday the equipment would be needed in the area to help provide people with water. After that he partnered with a previous employee and started the company then known as Chase and Hill. At the time of WWII material was hard to get and Mr. Hill decided to sell out his share of the business.

In 1948, after Mr. Hill left the company, Lyle Frick was told by his doctor that he had to find a job working outside instead of in the garage they owned. Lyle, Glen’s son in-law then became a partner of the company. They were the first in Oceana County to purchase a factory-made well drilling machine. Shortly after that Leona, Lyle’s wife and Glen’s daughter, quit teaching school in the area’s one room schools and went to work in the company. Glen, his wife Fanny, Lyle and Leona spent their lives running the business and developing the next generation to keep the business going.

Glen pretty much retired from the business in 1959. Jerry Frick, Glen’s grandson, graduated from the Walkerville High School at that time and then bought out Glen’s share of the business. The business continued to grow and expand. In the late 1960’s Verla, Jerry’s wife, quit her other job and joined the company and is still spending every day in the office. Lyle and Leona never did retire, still around the business when in their 90’s.

In the early 1990’s the great-grandson of Glen graduated from Grand Valley with a degree in Geology and joined the company as the fourth generation of the family. Other members of the family have been involved with the company and have decided to move on to other things.

Walkerville Well Drilling has grown over the years and has evolved with the changing needs in the ground water supply industry. The company has drilled wells and done soil investigations on islands in Lake Michigan and wells throughout Michigan. In the prime time of the environmental water pollution investigations, the company did drilling projects and soil investigations for environmental consulting firms throughout Michigan and into Indiana and Ohio.

Walkerville Well Drilling has seen the ground water supply industry change from different drilling methods and wind mills with hand pumps to pumps with computer control systems and solar powered pumps.

Company Affiliations:
  • Member – Michigan Ground Water Association:
    • Jerry Frick, Past President
  • Member – National Ground Water Association:
    • Jerry Frick, Past President:
  • National Ground Water Association – Certification:
    • Jerry Frick – MGWC, Master Ground Water Contractor
    • Gregory Frick – GWC, Well Driller/Pump Installer
  • Accredited Business – Better Business Bureau West Michigan
  • Member – Silver Lake Sand Dunes Area Chamber of Commerce


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